About Loredana

This is me, Loredana, the face behind the Loving Soul. The Loving Soul intuitively came to be because of my inner need to be of service to others. This has been a passion of mine for many years. I find gratification in helping others on their path to wellness. In 2018 I became certified in Reiki, which is a form of energy healing. It has helped me throughout my life in healing my own body and having trained in it, I realized the great benefits of this healing modality. Then in 2019 I registered in the Reflexology program and became certified in this area. I myself having experienced feet problems I was in search of finding relief and solution to the pain. Having undergone a number of sessions myself, I saw many positive results in how it helped me heal. These different healing modalities not only heals the physical body but also the emotional body. We too often neglect taking time for ourselves, and that is when illnesses tend to take over our bodies.

In 2019 I opened “The Loving Soul”, offering people a space for relaxation and healing. My passion for helping others is exemplified in my practice. I am a firm believer and studies have shown when the body is relaxed and free of stress healing can occur. I love being able to help people reach this state in each session. I am always intrigued when I see the signs when the body is relaxing. I know then how powerful the healing energy is in that client. Finding balance in mind, body, and soul is not always easy. We sometimes need to work on our inner emotions that have been built up over the years. We need to let go of past hurts and find forgiveness for oneself. Purifying the heart sets you free from past hurts, in turn the body begins healing. We live such busy lives that we all need to find time to take care of oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe “The Loving Soul “is this place. I welcome all to experience the healing modalities I offer by checking the website www.thelovingsouI.ca I look forward to meeting you and to help guide you on your journey to holistic healing.


In 2022, The Loving Soul is introducing a new line of Florentine paper which represents a little piece of my heritage. When I travelled to Florence, Italy, I fell in love with this beautiful paper and was drawn to the elegant patterns that dated back to the renaissance years.  In this computer age, I feel that writing has become a lost art, and I hope that this Florentine paper will help people start keeping a personal journal or to handwrite personal notes. This is a beautiful selection of Italian-made stationery, pens, and journals. What does 'Made In Italy' mean to me? Style, color, tradition, and leading-edge design. These would make unique gift ideas for family and friends.

    This year also marks another milestone in my life in which I completed my Aromatherapy modalilty and am excited to share its therapeutic benefits with all of you. This exciting journey has led me to create my aromatherapy product line, 'The Loving Scent'.  I've prepared many all natural plant-based products to help nourish the soul. From Shampoos and Conditioners to Bath Salts and Scrubs, Face and Foot Creams , Chakra Oils and much more!   Now available in my home store location.  Soon to be available online!  Come by and visit to see all that I offer.

In light and love

Loredana ❤️